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Helena Law Lan

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Movie/TV Credits:
First Appeared:
In the movie The Kid 1950-05-31
Latest Project:
Movie Table for Six 2 2024-02-10
Known For
Poster of Overheard 3
Poster of Bullets Over Summer
Poster of The Day that Doesn't Exist
Poster of Thou Shalt Not Swear
Movie Encroach 2024
Movie Table for Six 2 2024-02-10
Movie Death Notice 2023-08-18
Movie All U Need Is Love Service staff 2021-04-22
Series Sinister Beings 2021-05-03
Movie Ghost Wedding 2021-10-29
Series Hello Misfortune 2021-12-27
Movie All's Well, Ends Well 2020 Headmaster Law 2020-01-25
Movie I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change! 2019-01-31
Movie Girl Dorm 2019-03-15
Series Police Tactical Unit 2019-05-06
Movie Agent Mr Chan Meng Po 2018-02-15
Movie A Beautiful Moment 2018-02-15
Movie Adieu 2018-07-06
Movie Hotel Soul Good 2018-10-18
Series Life on the Line 2018-10-08
Movie L Storm Raymond Chan's mother 2018-08-23
Movie Love Contractually 2017-02-16
Movie Cook Up a Storm Grandmother Zhang 2017-02-10
Series The No No Girl 2017-04-10
Series Oh My Grad Kong Pik 2017-09-25
Movie Through the Eye 2017-05-12
Movie Always Be with You Taoist 2017-10-26
Movie The Ghost House 2017-06-30
Series The Last Healer in Forbidden City 慈禧 2016-03-28
Series Blue Veins 2016-04-11
Movie Heaven in the Dark Prosecution lawyer 2016-03-24
Series House of Spirits Mrs Bak 2016-06-27
Movie A Dog Named Wang Zi 2016-09-18
Series Come with Me 2016-09-09
Movie An Inspector Calls Butler 2015-02-19
Movie Tales of Mystery 2015-01-23
Series Brick Slaves 2015-05-05
Movie Super Models 2015-10-22
Movie Are You Here 2015-10-29
Movie Big Fortune Hotel Lung Poh 2015-10-29
Series Shades of Life 2014-05-05
Series Neighborhood Ghost Stories 龙婆 2014-07-26
Movie Overheard 3 Aunt Gil 2014-05-30
Movie Flirting in the Air Sister Future 2014-10-01
Series Come On, Cousin Fong Gwai-lan 2014-10-20
Series Officer Geomancer 2014-12-15
Series Inbound Troubles Sophia 2013-01-14
Series Awfully Lawful 2013-06-17
Series Karma Rider 2013-07-15
Movie The White Storm Wai's mother 2013-11-29
Series The Last Steep Ascent 2012-09-17
Movie A Simple Life Madame Lo 2011-09-04
Movie The Haunting Lover Mrs. Cui 2010-06-24
Movie Midnight Taxi Xie shifu's wife 2009-12-22
Movie Flash Point Jun Ma's Mother 2007-07-26
Movie Loving You Is Wrong 2007-01-01
Series Summer Heat 2006-06-12
Movie Don't Open Your Eyes Auntie Seventh 2006-11-05
Series The Battle Against Evil 2005-03-01
Series The Academy 2005-04-11
Movie The Unusual Youth 2005-05-19
Series Angels of Mission 2004-05-24
Series Wong Fei Hung – Master of Kung Fu 2004-04-05
Movie Papa Loves You 2004-03-27
Movie Good for Nothing 2004-01-01
Movie Gun Affinity Fei's mother 2004-06-08
Movie Unplugging Nightmare Joe's aunt 2004-09-28
Series Hard Fate 2004-08-09
Series Police Station No. 7 2004-06-21
Series The Legend Of Love 2003-03-03
Movie My Honeymoon with a Vampire Auntie Mui 2003-01-01
Series Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love Grandmother Wah 2003-05-05
Series Whatever It Takes 2003-01-27
Movie Troublesome Night 18 Mrs. Bud Lung 2003-02-27
Movie Kung Fu Master Is My Grandma! Granny Wong Fei Hung 2003-06-19
Movie Foolish 23 2003-07-03
Series Life Begins at Forty 2003-12-22
Movie Troublesome Night 19 Mrs. Bud Lung 2003-06-19
Movie Time 4 Hope Chi's mother 2002-01-17
Movie Troublesome Night 13 Mrs. Bud Lung 2002-01-24
Movie Twilight Zone Cops: My Spirited Wife Miss Shaw 2002-01-01
Movie Fighting To Survive 2002-01-31
Movie The Soul Is Return 2002-01-01
Movie Troublesome Night 14 Mrs. Bud Lung 2002-05-02
Movie Return From The Other World Shiu's Mother 2002-01-01
Movie Ghost Timeless Bak Sau-Sau 2002-01-01
Movie Taxi Driver 2002-01-01
Movie The Conman 2002 Summer's Mom 2002-11-07
Movie Troublesome Night 17 Mrs. Bud Lung 2002-12-05
Movie Twilight Zone Cops: Ghost Driven Granny Shaw 2002-06-14
Movie Haunted Office Mary Ho 2002-09-06
Movie Cafe Shop 2002-12-05
Movie Troublesome Night 16 Mrs. Bud Lung / Granny Wong 2002-09-05
Movie Visible Secret 2 Old Lady Downstairs 2002-06-20
Movie Troublesome Night 15 Mrs. Bud Lung 2002-07-04
Movie Human Pork Chop Grace's Grandmother 2001-01-05
Movie Troublesome Night 8 Mrs Bud Lung 2001-01-04
Movie Troublesome Night 9 Mrs Bud Lung 2001-01-11
Movie Bakery Amour Jet's mom 2001-02-14
Movie United We Stand, and Swim Little Fish's Mum 2001-01-01
Movie Comic King 2001-01-19
Movie Speedy Gun Shooter 2001-01-01
Movie Esprit D'Amour Aunt Ha 2001-03-01
Movie Young Guns 2001-01-01
Series Reaching Out 2001-01-01
Series Treasure Raiders 2001-01-01
Movie Ghost Story - Horrible Tea Lau's Mother 2001-01-01
Movie Troublesome Night 10 Mrs. Bud Lung 2001-03-22
Movie Clueless 2001-03-22
Movie Troublesome Night 12 Mrs. Bud Lung 2001-08-01
Series The Awakening Story 2001-09-24
Movie Merry-Go-Round Locust's grandma 2001-09-27
Movie Seamy Side Of Life- A Black Chick 碧玉祖母 2001-12-20
Series Gods of Honour 姚天香 2001-07-23
Series Unveil The Mystery 主持人 2001-08-03
Movie Dead End 2001-05-24
Movie Master Q 2001 Referee 2001-04-05
Movie The Legend of a Professional Ho's mom 2001-04-19
Movie Hong Kong History Y 2001-05-10
Movie Troublesome Night 11 Mrs. Bud Lung 2001-05-17
Movie Resort Massacre Mrs. Lim 2000-05-18
Movie Sworn Revenge 2000-07-22
Movie True Love 2000-05-11
Series Street Fighters 何八 2000-08-07
Movie Bloody Cops 2000-01-18
Series Aiming High 翁美香 2000-01-31
Movie Raped by an Angel 5: The Final Judgement Mrs. Hong 2000-03-10
Movie Troublesome Night 7 Granny Ping 2000-01-15
Series Crimson Sabre 2000-11-20
Movie Ghost Meets You Hung Chi-Yin 2000-12-07
Series Incurable Traits 2000-08-14
Movie 2000-10-28
Movie For Bad Boys Only Sophia 2000-12-15
Movie Hong Kong History X Auntie Bird 2000-10-05
Movie Jiang Hu: The Triad Zone Kei's widow 2000-09-21
Movie Deathnet.Com Gigi's Mother 2000-09-29
Movie Gigolo of Chinese Hollywood Lady Kam 1999-06-11
Movie Hanky Panky 1999-06-24
Movie Immortal Spirit Mike's Mother-in-Law 1999-05-01
Movie Bullets Over Summer Granny 1999-08-05
Movie Troublesome Night 5 Old Ghost 1999-01-22
Movie Troublesome Night 6 Heung's mother 1999-09-02
Movie Horoscope: The Voice from Hell Aunt Szeto 1999-01-01
Series Man's Best Friend 1999-02-01
Movie Mr. A? Mr. C? 1999-09-03
Movie House of the Damned Aunt Nan 1999-10-08
Movie He is My Enemy, Partner and Father-In-Law Stallone's Mother 1999-11-05
Series Witness to a Prosecution 牛妈 1999-12-20
Movie The Mirror Ming's grandmother 1999-09-16
Series Road To Eternity 1999-09-09
Series Life For Life 1999-09-09
Series A Loving Spirit 1999-09-09
Movie F***/Off 1998-02-28
Movie Grandma and Her Ghosts 1998-04-13
Movie Step Into the Dark Faith's grandmother 1998-03-20
Movie Troublesome Night 3 1998-01-03
Movie The Untold Story 2 1998-04-25
Series War And Remembrance 1998-01-12
Movie Young and Dangerous 5 Nam's Grandmother 1998-01-22
Series A Place Of One's Own 1998-02-09
Movie Haunted Mansion Ah Gi's mother 1998-09-18
Movie Nightmare Zone Grumpy Old Woman 1998-11-12
Movie The Pale Sky 1998-06-27
Movie A Long and Forgotten Ghost Story Convenience Store Boss's Wife 1998-10-20
Movie Mr. Wai-Go 1998-12-05
Movie Young and Dangerous: The Prequel Nam's Grandmother 1998-07-05
Series Rural Hero 1998-08-03
Movie Faces of Horror 1998-09-19
Series Mystery Files 1997-05-12
Movie 24 Hrs Ghost Story Charlie's mother 1997-04-24
Movie Troublesome Night Ghost Granny 1997-05-10
Series Taming Of The Princess 1997-01-27
Movie Haunted Karaoke Woman Who Summons Ghosts 1997-06-05
Movie 02:00 A.M. 1) [cameo] 1997-01-25
Movie Midnight Zone Shing's Mom 1997-04-12
Series Drunken Angels 1997-07-07
Movie Stand Behind the Yellow Line Master's grandmother 1997-06-12
Movie Teme Gotchi 1997-11-15
Movie He Comes From Planet K Granny Lone 1997-09-20
Series Justice Sung 1997-09-29
Series Time Before Time 1997-08-04
Series Triumph Over Evil 1997-07-07
Movie Young and Dangerous 3 1996-06-29
Movie July 13th 1996-01-01
Movie Devil's Woman Si-Man's Grandmother 1996-06-06
Series State of Divinity 定逸師太 1996-06-24
Movie Man Wanted 2: Those Were the Days Aunt Lan 1996-08-24
Series One Good Turn Deserves Another 1996-12-09
Series Hand of Hope 1996-10-10
Movie Hong Kong Graffiti 1995-03-04
Movie Just Married 1995-04-09
Series The Condor Heroes 95 裘千尺 Kao Chin-chek 1995-07-31
Series From Act to Act 1995-10-02
Movie The Day that Doesn't Exist 1995-11-09
Series When a Man Loves a Woman 1995-09-19
Movie Hello! Who Is It? 1994-04-28
Movie I Will Wait for You! 1994-03-31
Series The Last Conquest 1994-01-03
Movie The Third Full Moon Dr. Lung 1994-05-12
Series Crime And Passion 1994-07-07
Movie The Crucifixion Jogger [cameo] 1994-06-17
Movie Fatal Obsession The Sorceress 1994-07-09
Movie From Zero to Hero 1994-12-01
Movie Modern Romance Sister Nancy 1994-06-30
Movie Crazy Hong Kong Mother 1993-07-10
Series The Buddhism Palm Strikes Back 1993-06-14
Series The Vampire Returns 张可爱 1993-03-22
Series Gambling On Life 1993-07-19
Movie Don't Stop My Crazy Love for You Miss Ho 1993-04-28
Movie Thou Shalt Not Swear 1993-09-03
Movie Boys Are Easy Wu Ying's mother 1993-08-12
Series The Art of Being Together 1993-09-09
Series The Edge of Righteousness 1993-12-06
Movie The Bride with White Hair 2 Wu Tang Clan Elder 1993-12-22
Series Beyond Love 六姐 1992-02-02
Movie Sting of the Scorpion Chien's mother 1992-01-01
Series The Key Man 余亚葵 1992-01-01
Movie Once a Black Sheep Sister Tak Lan 1992-05-07
Series Source Of Evil 1992-04-13
Series Odd Man Out 1992-06-08
Movie Devil of Rape 1992-10-28
Movie Royal Tramp 2 1992-09-24
Series Money And Fame 1992-06-29
Series The Black Sabre 1991-03-19
Movie Touch and Go Goose's mother 1991-05-16
Series Beside the Seaside, Beside the Sea 1991-12-23
Series Police on the Road 1991-10-07
Movie She Shoots Straight Amah 1990-04-07
Series The Witness Of Time 1990-05-07
Movie Ghostly Vixen 1990-05-10
Series When Things Get Tough 1990-09-10
Movie Doctor Vampire Mrs. Hsieh 1990-12-06
Series When the Sun Shines 1990-07-10
Series The Sect of Blood & Iron 1989-05-03
Movie Operation Pink Squad II Landlady 1989-03-31
Series War Of The Dragon 1989-01-02
Movie Vampire Buster Councillor Tang 1989-06-08
Series The Jade Fox 1989-02-01
Movie Miracles 1989-06-15
Movie Gift from Heaven Wu Tse Tien 1989-10-27
Series The Justice of Life 1989-11-13
Movie Missing Man Housemaid 1989-08-24
Series Three In A Crowd 1989-09-25
Movie The Iceman Cometh Hospital worker 1989-08-12
Movie Eat a Bowl of Tea Aunt Gim 1989-07-21
Movie Double Fattiness 1988-05-19
Movie The Haunted Cop Shop II Ms. Yellow 1988-04-28
Series Everybody's Somebody's Favourite 1988-04-11
Series Two Most Honorable Knights 花婆婆 1988-06-13
Movie Ghost in the House 1988-04-14
Movie The Greatest Lover 1988-07-30
Movie Operation Pink Squad Wong 1988-11-17
Movie The Crazy Companies II Amy's Mother 1988-12-15
Series Tin Long Kip 1988-08-11
Series The Seasons 1987-03-09
Series The Upstart and the Self-Made Man 1987-06-02
Movie Trouble Couples Agnes' mother 1987-08-13
Movie Fortune Hunters 1987-11-05
Series Brothers Under The Skin 1986-07-01
Movie Royal Warriors 1986-06-26
Movie The Missed Date 1986-05-24
Series The Feud of Two Brothers 1986-05-12
Series The Unyielding Master Lim 1986-07-15
Series Men of the House 1986-08-01
Series Dharma 1986-12-29
Series The New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre 靜玄 1986-11-03
Movie My Heavenly Lover 1986-09-12
Series The Brave Squad 1985-06-03
Movie I Do 1985-06-30
Series Take Care Your Highness 1985-09-30
Movie Devil Cat 1985-08-03
Series A Tough Fight 1985-11-01
Series The Duke of Mount Deer 麗春院老闆娘 1984-07-09
Movie Aces Go Places III: Our Man from Bond Street 1984-01-25
Series The Young Detective 1984-07-11
Series It's A Long Way To Home 1984-07-02
Series Summer Kisses Winter Tears 1984-12-24
Movie Crazy 17 1984-09-26
Movie Winner Takes All? 1984-10-18
Series The Fortune Teller 1983-01-03
Series The Man in the Middle 1983-01-03
Movie Crossroads-Pocket Money 1983-01-01
Series Beyond the Rose Garden 1983-05-16
Movie I Do! 1983-04-21
Series Woman on the Beat 1983-06-13
Series The Return of the Condor Heroes 裘千尺 1983-10-31
Movie Just For Fun 1983-10-12
Series The Fortune Teller (II) 1983-12-12
Movie The Perfect Wife?! 1983-08-05
Series You Only Live Twice 1982-03-22
Series 星塵 1982-05-03
Series Love With Many Phases 1982-11-29
Series Buddhism Palm 1982-05-05
Movie Energetic-21 Alan's mother 1982-09-30
Series The Fate 1981-06-29
Movie Hired Guns 1981-01-01
Series Young's Female Warrior 1981-07-27
Series An Ending To Remember 1981-08-10
Series In Search Of 1980-02-04
Series Discovery Bay 1980-06-30
Series The Bund III 1980-12-15
Series Five Easy Pieces 1980-08-04
Series Chor Lau-heung 蓉蓉的姑媽 1979-09-03
Series Vanity Fair 1978-01-02
Series Conflict 1978-10-02
Series The Giants 1978-05-01
Series One Sword 1978-09-25
Movie The Legend of the Purple Hairpin 1977-02-12
Movie On Probation Reform school mistress 1977-07-28
Series A House Is Not a Home 1977-08-01
Movie Money Crazy Rich Chan's Wife 1977-07-28
Series This Generation 1976-04-26
Movie Laugh In 1976-07-01
Series The First Love 1976-08-09
Movie The Wandering Life 1975-06-04
Movie My Wacky, Wacky World 1975-07-16
Movie Let's Rock 1975-12-24
Movie "Fertility" Bank 1975-11-06
Movie Gossip Street 1974-05-17
Series The Fatal Irony 1974-01-21
Movie Hong Kong 73 Hospital registration nurse 1974-04-24
Movie Seductive Ghost 1974-09-05
Series Chinese Folklore 1974-11-04
Movie Games Gamblers Play Man's wife 1974-10-16
Movie The Heroine Taxi dispatcher 1973-04-26
Movie Bruce Lee: The Man and the Legend Self 1973-10-14
Movie The House of 72 Tenants Brothel mamasan 1973-09-21
Movie Happy Times 1970-02-05
Movie Lucky Seven Blind wife 1970-07-29
Movie The Liar 1969-10-16
Movie Young, Pregnant and Unmarried Wong Siu-Kuen/Ah Kuen 1968-07-16
Movie Landlady and Tenant Ah Fong 1966-06-09
Movie Double Exposure Lucy 1966-07-06
Movie The Detective Mrs Wu 1966-05-04
Movie To Marry a Ghost 1966-10-12
Movie Return of Lady Bond Tong's stepmother 1966-12-28
Movie Twin Sisters Julie (Chow's stepwife) 1966-11-12
Movie The Secret Code Cheung Yuet-Ngor 1965-12-15
Movie The Diary of a Husband Mrs. Lung 1964-05-27
Movie As Time Goes By Ting Wai-fong 1964-04-02
Movie A Deadly Night Maid 1964-10-07
Movie Madam Kam Chiu Yuk-Wah 1963-03-07
Movie Three Love Affairs Wong Yuk-Mui 1963-06-12
Movie Young Girl In Love 高碧茜 (Ko Pik Sai) 1963-09-10
Movie Mysterious Murderer 1962-10-03
Movie Dial 999 for 24-Hour Murder Case Lucy 1961-01-12
Movie Creepy Nights 1961-07-05
Movie Les Belles Cafe cashier 1961-02-25
Movie The Great Devotion Mahjong pal 1960-04-08
Movie Wong An Vs. the Flying Tigers Lee Bik-Lin 1960-09-21
Movie My Intimate Partner Tam Fung's wife 谭枫妻 1960-08-10
Movie The Story of Wong Ang the Heroine Chiu's second concubine 1960-10-21
Movie Adventure on a Deadly Island 1960-09-28
Movie Story of the White-Haired Demon Girl (Part 1) Yin-Ying Lo 1959-03-18
Movie Money Club patron 1959-02-22
Movie Road Kit Ching 1959-07-29
Movie Wong Fei Hung Trapped in Hell 1959-06-07
Movie The Talking Bird 1959-12-30
Movie The Chair Woman with little girl 1959-10-14
Movie Human Relationships 1959-12-09
Movie How Oriole the Heroine Solved the Case of the Three Dead Bodies 1959-11-04
Movie The Prince's Romantic Affairs Guest [extra] 1958-03-04
Movie Sweet Girl in Terror 1958-12-31
Movie My Kingdom for a Husband Queen's escort 1957-09-11
Movie Fatso Married Skinny Dancer 1956-12-29
Movie Wong Fei-Hung and the Lantern Festival Disturbance Prostitute 1956-02-28
Movie The White Crane Hero 1956-12-25
Movie Neighbours All 1954-04-29
Movie Romantic Spell 1953-04-16
Movie The Kid 1950-05-31